Our Day...

-A fantastic morning with our homeschool co-op, both of my kids did their poster presentations in front of the crew.
- We popped into the library to pick up our weekly stack of books I ordered (Little Princess in the mix!) and I got the "WHY ARE YOU STILL PREGNANT?!" from our friends there. Believe me, I don't know why.
-Eggs for lunch. Because that's all I had energy for.
-Meant to hang the clothes on the line again, but decided to give myself a break and get off my feet.
-Rested in the daybed on the sunporch, read five chapters read in the 12th Boxcar Children book while my littles played blocks at my feet.
-Corralled my littles to help pick up some sticks in the front yard. Yardwork one week overdue is....interesting. 
-On the swings with a whole bunch of freight trains going by in the background for my free spirit child and  grain bags filled with kindling for my little one who prefers his play to be work.
-Enjoyed another meal provided by a friend (thank you!).
-28 eggs collected.
- Cats in baskets...a lot lately.
- Scrubbed up and sleeping soundly...ready to do it all again tomorrow. 
-Going into 8 days overdue...still pregnant. Hanging in there! 

1 comment:

  1. Oh my. Maybe you're having an Easter baby? She'll know when she's ready. Maybe she wants a dramatic entrance. "Look out world, here I come!" ;0D
    Sounds like a fantastic spring day.
    We still love The Boxcar Children series!
    Enjoy your weekend.



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