Happy Easter 2017

Here I am wrapping up Easter and going into Monday...still pregnant, 10 days overdue now.

Our day...
Easter baskets.
Big breakfast of homemade toast with homemade jam, fresh eggs and peaches.
Home to put on their new coordinating John Deere shirts.
Clothes on the line while both kids ate their entire chocolate cross in one sitting (yikes!).
Bubbles outside.
Board games.
Craft time of watercolor painting for her and gluing tractors for him. Same story, different day.
Feet up while listening to "A Little Princess".
Decided to weed the oregano, which was one of my ideas that seemed like a good one in the moment, but was utterly ridiculous to do this pregnant and uncomfortable. Oh well. At least it's done.
Turned rocks over with kids to find worms (why I was doing that, I have no clue). Kids made "homes" for the worms under old egg shells in the compost.
Leftovers for dinner (first time in forever no fancy Easter dinner...had to keep those feet up).
Treated our neighbors to ice cream.
Evening at the beach.
Books and bed.

Still pregnant.
Hoping tomorrow is the day.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a beautiful holiday.
    She's comin' and she'll be worth the wait. ;0D



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