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It's so hard to believe that Monday marks one week we've had Ms. Anna-Kate. This time last week, I was still pregnant and gearing up for the hardest labor and delivery I have had. So very worth it though, we've ended up with such a dream baby! This last week, I've been trying to dig my way out of a mess of a house. I seem to keep moving piles and somehow no matter how much I work at the organization, things keep piling. It's a hard balance tackling the piles, caring for a newborn and the rest of my family while also pacing myself as my body heals.  I'm thankful to have my husband home to help with the animal care and big brother and big sister. 

This picture truly captures life this last week. Chaos all around, but such peace gazing into these newborn eyes.

My husband has been super helpful with meal planning and grocery shopping. Not that he needs to cook eggs. We have a chef who does that.  At only four, she can crack all those eggs and not get shells. Would you believe her eggs are perfectly yellow, no burn marks...always?!  It's good she likes to cook eggs, as she will eat 4 (!!!) on her own.

It's nice how the weather has been such that outdoors is the preferred place to be.
 The green grass is making a comeback.
 Chickens are definitely laying.
 I'm running to the garden to grab fresh greens for dinners again.
 Spring is definitely in the air.
 Our three season porch still has the windows, but it won't be long before they come out and the screens go back in.  For now, it's nice and warm in the afternoon, a perfect place for an afternoon snooze/snuggle tiny squish.

 All in all, it's been a good week of adjusting to the new while keeping much of our day to day 'same old, same old'.  It's been quite nice to just be home sweet home.


  1. Gorgoeus girl :) And you have 2 great little helpers, great!

  2. The baby is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It's wonderful to see her with her family! She is SO LUCKY to have such great and loving older brother and sister....



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