So few pictures to show for it, but a 10/10 day. 
6am weed control w/ the hoe in the garden before the kids got up.
Homemade granola for breakfast.
Nature study w/ the moths we caught.
5 loads of laundry lined dried over course of day.
Kids chopped veggies for salsa and guacamole.
Kids gathered greens for salad from garden.
Kids begging for books on the hammock for morning, took a morning break to do so.
Weeded the strawberries.
This was for lunch.  Chives, cilantro, greens homegrown. Rest veggies were misfits.
Then family hike (my husband took the pics of that).
Husband insisted we get Thai food after a hike, just like we used to do when we were w/o kids.
Big kids rode bikes. Littlest chased chickens (in the dress her Auntie Gilly made for her. <3 )
One hour after consuming take out dinner, kids asked what's for dinner.
Bedtime books on the hammock.  Kids are loving Happy Hollisters.
Kids asleep in no time.
Folded those five pesky loads of laundry.
Fell asleep without blogging and without reading myself before bed, I was that tired. And happy.
A 10/10.

May today be as good as yesterday.

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  1. Sounds like a great day! With a lot of work ofcourse too but getting dinner out is always a fun bonus too. At least you got a little break there!



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