This is one last post, from February, back when I could still get into the thrift stores. I must admit, I miss the thrifting treasure hunts.  However, I am glad I am an avid thrifter because my kids have needed the next size up shoes, summer sandals and summer clothes.  It's all up in the attic, bought for mere pennies months/years ago.
 Columbia snowpants for next year. Two pairs of socks. Pottery pitcher bowl thing.  Terracotta pot.  $5.75
 Two summer shoes for Adrian. Books. Wool coat for Audra. Brand new curtain tie backs. $5.50. Here's her wool coat, which I think is lovely on her.  Can't wait to get back to treasure hunting!


  1. Me too, how's the outside of thrift stores looking where you are? I have seen photos of donations just dumped outside in the rain, snow. I hope people here are not guilty, altho I have three bags in my van for the last three months. Love your pictures, especially that pottery.



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