4-H Tag

I'm pretty excited about this new idea our club is doing. I'm sharing for two reasons, 1) Our 4-H professional wanted a write up and it's easier for me to blog with pictures than create an Email with pictures (So, here ya go, Erin!) and 2) I was thinking other clubs (scouts, youth groups, etc.) may like to try it.

It's called 4-H Tag. The whole goal behind it is to help members stay involved and connect with one another in a non virtual way during this challenging time. 

The person gets 'tagged' when they find this bag (that I made) hung on their door.
 Then they have four days to enter their entries in the shared journal and read other club members' entries.

 Eventually it will cycle back to them.  Here are the official rules.
Even though our club cannot meet in person, we're still trying to keep connected. Cannot wait until we can meet in person again!

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