Celebrating my (late) mom

May 20th, my mom would have been 69.  She passed away when I was 15 after a 5 year battle with ALS.

My dad called today and asked me if I knew what the date was and had I made chocolate cake?  Yes and yes.

I don't particularly love chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, but she did.  Paired with ice water as her beverage of choice.  And so we celebrate the life she lived and her lifelong impact on me with chocolate cake. (My husband looks forward to this day year round. He loves chocolate cake).

Picture below, she was such an awesome 4-H leader, mom, teacher, homemaker and friend.
 She would have really enjoyed her grandkids. I'm thankful that the way she lived her life, the parent, teacher and leader she was still speaks to me daily and I pray lives through me daily as I parent my littles. 

Thankful for those 15 years with her.


  1. It's wonderful how you celebrate her life each year, and focus on the good things. Bless you all...

  2. what a wonderful Testament to your mother! I'm sure your kids when they are older will appreciate all the wonderful things you're doing for them now as well

  3. She was my one and only sister. We fought each other off and on, but when she went off to collage at JCC we became best of friends and remained that way 'til her passing into glory. She loved kids, had the kindest heart & was such a giver! Jackie, she'd be soooo proud of you & your hubby & children & she'd be happy to know that you are all following the Lord!



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