Looking up

The eve of Mother's day, I posted my laundry list of woes (click here if you missed it).  I had just had such a rough week last week, I was trying with all my might for things to look up. I wrote about how I was going to look for and find the joy on Mother's Day.

Well, I tried.  It started off great with my first time sleeping in in 10 years, reading books with Anna-Kate in bed whiles the bigs and their dad made me breakfast in bed (which I haven't had since slumber parties at my grams when I was a kid!).  The kids made lovely cards and homemade posters were plastered all over the kitchen. Plus I have up the special Mother's Day cards from my aunt up (thank you!). It started out so good. I even got a long dreamed about Mother's Day gift for a steal from facebook marketplace. To me, from me, vintage old high back kitchen sink love.  It's going to clean up nicely. Hope to get it installed this decade.

Then it went downhill fast. Looking back, I cannot even think of the how or whys, but it was rough. I think it was probably my hardest day of motherhood ever. I somehow stayed remarkably patient, am thankful for my husband's help, but ended up with a pounding headache.  And a sleep number bed with a broken pump.  Felt like that last one was a 'hit her while she's down' moment. I cried that day. A lot.

I'm blown away from what happened next. Everything changed. In came the messages rolling in of support, of prayers and offers to help. My tears of thankfulness began flowing when were showered with delicious food and gifts (Thank you Karlene, best chicken pot pie EVER).
 The milkman gave us three extra quarts of milk and said that we made him smile (Thank you Jimmy!).
The day was really starting to turn around!  Only the bread I meant to have ready for Karlene and the milkman didn't rise enough, so it wasn't done in time.  I put some out front to sell it instead (for we both have been mostly without work). I had Emailed my regular buyers that fresh bread was out there.  A gust of wind came and blew all my hard work tumbling across the driveway.  Had to Email them back to say 'nevermind, bread has been blown away'. So disappointing, but I was determined to not it get me down.

Fast forward to today, I received a surprise gift from long time bread customers (who I have only met once!).  He said he made it from odds and ends so my bread no longer blows away. I cannot even tell you how special this is! (Thank you, neighbors!)
Know what Adrian said? He said "All the stuff that happened to us this week makes me feel so loved."  Those are the exact words that my heart is saying too.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words of encouragement, prayers, offers of support. Somehow I went from the worst few days of parenthood ever to having some of the best days of parenthood ever.  I actually wrote my husband tonight that my heart feels filled, loved, thankful and happy.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving us.


  1. That's a fantastic bread box. What a great customer.

  2. Oh, what a sweet gesture! You are surrounded by loving support.



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