Thrifting used to be a regular part of my life.  Until Covid. I stopped because I feel it is not necessary to keep taking my kids for regular thrifting adventures.  Thankfully I have had a stockpile from past thrifting adventures, so we haven't wanted for anything. For my birthday, my husband pulled into the thrift shop and told me he'd wait with the kids in the car for me to do some thrifting. What a great birthday surprise! 
I got this sweater and another crock for my blue striped crock collection. $8.50 for the pair.

Because I cannot help myself, the rest of the thrifting was for my kids. I bought ahead for each of their birthdays.

For Adrian, I found a brand new pair of LL Bean windpants, a Bible that hasn't even been opened and threw Who Was books (which he enjoys). $5.00
For Audra, I got this skirt (that fits me!), but I will put a couple of darts in it to make it a poofy petticoat.  Plus I got her a Bible that has never been opened, a journal and a vintage brush and mirror set. $10.50. 
For Anna-Kate, I got her a wooden game (that is apparently big money new), three brand new puppets with tags (dragon, Little Red Riding Hood, The Big Bad Wolf), a Lenski book (I love Lenski everything) and a book set in Ogunuit, Maine (local to us).  $7.50. 

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