The Mama Made Doll, Grace

 I made Grace for Audra on her 4th birthday, in 2016.

Audra loved Grace right away.
Grace went on all sorts of adventures. I even made coordinating outfits for them. 

Fast forward to 2018, Audra came to me and said "Grace is missing and I'm so said."  Organization isn't exactly Audra's forte, so I'm sure I said "She'll turn up, she's probably around here somewhere".  

Grace never did turn up.  Here and there Audra would bring it up how she missed Grace and I commented that I had no idea where she was.  

Fast forward to Christmas 2020, I made Anna-Kate a doll (which I haven't even taken the picture of her yet!).  Audra again was sad she lost Grace  I hugged her and comforted her. 

Then right around New Year's, Audra was up at night, sobbing about how sad she was she lost Grace.  She said "I wish I never left her in the closet when we stayed at that place when we went to Plimoth Plantation."

I replied, "What?  You brought her to Plymouth with us and left her in the closet?  First I ever heard of that story!  Are you sure?  You are?  Okay, we'll let's see if we can find where we stayed and ask them if they can locate her." 

Somehow my husband found the place we stayed at in May of 2018, contacted the owner of the rental and asked her if she found the doll in the attached picture.  The lovely woman said "Yes, she's here.  She's in a different dress, but she's here." 

On Audra's 8 1/2 birthday, she received mail from Massachusetts.  The very doll she lost in 5/2018 she received back 1/2021.  It truly feels like a miracle! 

Grace has had numerous hugs, outfit changes and now always sleeps in Audra's bed. 

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