Birthday Celebrations

I remember when my parents turned 40.  "Wow.  40 is old," I remember thinking.  And here I am, 40 years old with a 10, 8 and 3 year old.  When my mom was 40, she had a 10 (me) and 8 year old (my brother).  No doubt she had many plans looking ahead turning 40 with her two littles. Only her 40 year story brought such sad news, a diagnosis of ALS.  Though a gradual five year decline in her physical health occurred, her inspiration, positivity and heart grew exponentially.  She is still loved, remembered and appreciated by many even though she passed away nearly 25 years ago.  In five years, age 40-45, even with a devastating diagnosis, my mom continued to shine love and light and be an encouragement to so many.  I am blessed immensely with my health at 40, my three littles and my biggest setback is a life altered due to a pandemic. All together, I've been dealt an amazing hand. What can I do with my abilities to be the good in this world over the next five years? Each day is a gift.  I'm thankful for today.  

Breakfast and books in bed, homemade gifts (including a box of mints with only one mint left), oceanside walk, local seafood for lunch, starbucks, a quick stop at the thrift shop (how have I only been thrifting twice since March 2020?!) and cake with fluffy peanutbutter middle and fudgy chocolate topping. Then some more books with the littles and then time with my other half.  I rate this day a 10/10. 


(I especially love my mouse and my mouse pillow.  And my necklace.  Audra has been busy.)

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