Mama Made: Flannel Lined Cords x4

A three part story. 

Part 1: Maine has had no snow for the last month.  It's cold out there.  Snowpants are cumbersome when it's cold but you're not in danger of getting wet. Adrian has two pairs of flannel lined carharts.  He loves to wear them on hikes.  Warm and comfortable. 

I decide to make a pair of flannel lined corduroy pants for Anna-Kate.   

She loves them, they are warm, take less time than snowpants to put on and they are easy to run around in.  (She's also wearing a hat my neighbor made, the coat I made, the dress I made, the mittens a friend of a friend made. And she made her necklace.)

Part 2: Audra says "I just love Anna-Kate's pants.  Everyone has flannel lined pants except me."

So she now has a pair of flannel lined corduroys. She loves them because she can just wear them all day and be ready to go outside to play whenever the mood strikes her.

Part 3: Both girls love their new mama made pants, only they aren't just wearing them for outside pants, they are wearing them for all the time wear. After an episode of tears when the flannel lined pants were in the wash, mama took care of that problem with two more pairs for the girls. 

Now Justin claims he wants a pair.  I think a pair for myself would be well loved as well.  I just might need a part 4 to the flannel lined pants story...

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