Mama Made: Upcycled wool vest.

My little miss Anna-Kate is not a fan of warmer things.  Sweatshirts and full sleeved sweaters she just pulls off.  She doesn't like anything bulky on the sleeves. She does love her sleeveless wool dresses for layering, however.  She keeps toasty under them. I tried something new. A vest.  This is an adult wool thrifted JCrew sweater.  It's been shrunk/felted. I took off the arms and added some binding around the sleeves. 

She is a fan and it's very warm! She can play on the unheated porch and still keep warmish.

She can also be snug and warm for breakfast before the wood fire heats things up. In this pic, she is wearing pj pants I made, a nightgown I made and a vest I made.  Wearing lots of hugs from mama. 

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