Copper is growing. He is such a good, good, good puppy.  I cannot even believe he is ours, we are so blessed. Holly (lab) and Copper are BFFs.  Zippy (our cat) is not yet convinced. 

I made the cushion (pictured above) with some free irregular swatches from Maine Woolens: https://mainewoolens.com/ . I think I got the fabric almost two years ago. Oops. I still have another box of remnants to use up. I'm thinking of big floppy Christmas stockings for next year. 

Southern Maine has had too much rain, not enough snow. We get outside no matter what, but would much prefer the snow. 

I feel like I spend so much time cooking and all my family does is eat!  I bet most every cook in a household of many feels the same.  Thankful for a dinner tonight of PBJ with homemade bread and jam made from the raspberries and rhubarb I grew.  Breakfast tomorrow includes pumpkin muffins from the pumpkins I grew and smoothies from the raspberries I grew.  Lunch tomorrow includes a veggie soup with green beans, kale, herbs and garlic I grew. I'm sending my husband to work with spaghetti with homemade meatballs and sauce from the tomatoes, garlic and herbs I grew.  

I made/fixed 6 more masks today for my littles.  I never thought I'd be still working on masks in January. 

The girls have been fully immersed in their dress up world lately, which I love. 

Kids found a great skating place as soon as it freezes on our land.

I have spent countless hours on Adrian's room-painting, moving, hanging. It looks so good, close to it being 'done' so we can take pictures. 

I have been stitching, painting, framing and moving things for another space I want to freshen up.

We've been home, home, home...except for my husband's work, my every 3 week grocery shopping trip and my one day of in person work (rest is remote).

Wood fire is always going. Art projects are in progress. Sewing machine is whirling.  Laundry and dishes are constant. Homemade food is always on the table. Boots and mittens are always drying. Clutter continues to accumulate faster than I can manage it (sigh).We continue to travel daily through our beloved books. 

Although the world is crazy, we are just fine at home sweet home.

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