Christmas Re-cap 2021

Usually I try to keep the pictures to no more than 7 per post. This one will be much longer because our Christmas day was magnificent.  The days leading up to Christmas were not wonderful and in fact were some of our hardest parenting days. But, I'm leaving those behind and focusing on how wonderful Christmas eve with friends (thank you W. family!) and Christmas day with family was. 
I am so thankful for these reusable cloth bags, they make wrapping a snap.   The kids opened their stockings first while dad slept in.  They love how Santa supplies them with snacks mom never buys.  And as a bonus, it's breakfast, thanks Santa! 
Apparently Santa left a couple of brand new things, daddy is the most surprised.

After the Santa is all wrapped up, Audra always insists mom has her coffee and opens the first gifts, which is just the sweetest ever.
Audra got me this bowl that I said I liked, but didn't buy. She swung in and bought it for me and I didn't know! Anna-Kate got me owl socks, candy and a little gnome she made last month and kept a surprise.  Adrian got me a John Deere hat so we can match. 
And my husband was surprised by all the great books he bought me. 

Then the kids gift each other the things they bought for each other. Even Anna-Kate did shopping this year.  I can't remember everything, but I will try to remember a few. Audra got Adrian a John Deere mug and she got Anna-Kate some fancy jewelry.  Adrian got Audra a bike bell and Anna-Kate a box of miniature animals. Pictured below is what Anna-Kate got her siblings: A builders kit and a crazy headband. Fitting. She was so proud!

After that, we opened presents from parents, our wonderful Mary, my dear aunt and uncle and a surprise package from Justin's high school friend (thank you!!!).  It was all a delightful mix of books, crafts, vintage, homemade, personalized and just exactly what everyone loved.

And then daddy.  Well, he's just the easiest to shop for. He got lots and lots of food. Plus the worst movie on the planet that he quotes from (Audra found it for $1 at a yard sale). And I can't believe it...I gave him a book and he dove right in and started reading it (he's not so into the rest of our bookish ways)!

Here is Adrian (the one who organized all the gifts, trash and recycleables as we opened and cleaned up all the mess after...his idea). 

And his loot.
Audra Grace.

And her loot.
Anna-Katherine and her chocolate face from the yummy homemade donuts our neighbors delivered (thank you!).
And her loot.

Then after Christmas, everyone was enjoying their new gifts and I got to just relax for a bit....other than the turkey feast I decided to make (why do I make more work for myself on Christmas, who knows?!).

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