9th Annual Country Kids Re-Cap

 Usually I do our annual Country Kids Party during the warmer months.  However, I just didn't organize my brain full of ideas to make it happen.  In effort to squeeze it in before 2021 was over, I suggested to the kids a Winter Solstice Country Kids party, which they enthusiastically agreed. My kids loved it so much that they want it an annual tradition, so I will write what we did in effort to remember. 

The party started at 4pm, just before sunset.  Instead of having our typical ice cream stand, we had a hot chocolate and homemade pumpkin bread stand until all our guests arrived. We gave everyone glowsticks, which froze, so we will have to think of a better idea for next year!

Then we played games I mostly made up: "What time is it Papa Elf?", Santa Sack relay (which the kids were confused, lol) and then some package tossing competitions with Team Fed Ex and Team UPS (had the adults help, much more successful!), followed by Reindeer Tag. I have kind neighbors who tolerate my megaphone.

We then gathered around the toasty fire and I read Night before Christmas and had Christmas Mad Gabs for the adults while my elves (Thank you Justin and Ella!) spread candycanes all over. Then the kids took their flashlights to find all the candycanes. Festivities were over at 5:30.

The kids chose 3 Dogs Rescue (where we got our dog, Copper) for the charity and we were able to give them a nice donation. 

I dare say that this may have been my favorite Country Kids party yet. Super easy to set up, less materials than usual. Only drawback is the snow made us have to limit how many could come because we had less room to park vehicles with the snow. 

Anyway, thank you to all of our friends who came, I think my kids will remember it forever! I wish I got more photos, but some is better than none! I make sure my kids work, since this is a service project and not just a free for all fun project. Adrian had check in and Audra was the barista. 

Check in:

Snack stand

Games, which look like they are on top of Anna-Kate's head.


And fire.
Kids say we should do a summer solstice party too. Not sure if I'm interested in hosting a party that requires kids being up past bedtime, but perhaps? Winter Solstice I can see us having again, however.

For fun, here was 2020's pirate treasure hunt.

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