The big kids took a whittling intensive class at an all day outdoor school. They absolutely loved it. They made a spear, a spoon and a wooden santa. They can also rattle off knife safety tips.  When it came time for starting a fire, the teacher commented that they clearly had experience building fires, which made this mama's heart proud.  The pink corduroy flannel lined pants I made last year were a hit, Adrian thinks I ought to make him a pair. They both loved the class but also were thrilled to have their own packed lunch, lol. 

Meanwhile, little miss had a Christmas shopping date with daddy. The cashier actually paid for Anna-Kate's purchases (!!!), so next up we plan to figure out someway to pay it forward! 

Apparently she also went Christmas shopping for herself.... 

What did I do today?  Spent the most perfect day ever!!!!  Did a wee bit of cleaning and catching up on laundry, then cut out pieces to make the kids' Christmas pajamas by the fire.  My husband brought me home a starbucks and I made homemade Chinese food for us. Then my husband sent me on a walk by myself with the dogs.  When the kids came home, they watched Home Alone and now I'm doing some late night sewing fireside.  A little time alone at home sweet home is the very best vacation ever.


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