Week of Homeschooling Recap

Some weeks homeschooling is mostly roses. Some weeks it's more thorns than roses. The ups and downs are only natural, but in the moment, the mountains feel like very very high peaks that are impossible to summit.  But, we carry on. Looking back it helps to see that the good prevails. 

What went on in the week of our homeschool life this week? 

Back yard walks, ocean visits, pogo sticks and bike rides. 
Vet appointments, an afternoon of service, thrift shop stop and library visits. 
Math, poetry and story writing.
Homeschool gathering, drawing, painting and wood carving.
Nature journaling, baking, Spanish singing.
Hot cocoa, pumpkin everything, cooking, cooking, cooking, cooking.
Christmas decorating, fire sitting, lights twinkling and playing.
Chickens, dogs, cat, (unwelcomed rodents) and fish.
Praying, stitching, reading, walking and some working for mama.
Laundry, dishes, cooking, cooking and never enough cleaning.
Overtime, snacking and board games with daddy.
Books. Books. More books.  

We've reached our 100 day mark for 3rd and 5th grade. Nothing is ever perfect, but all in all, it's been a fine week schooling at home-sweet-home.

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