One thing about the Christmas tree is it really does bring us together.  They love when I let them eat anywhere but the kitchen table (where we always eat). 

This picture below does my heart oh so much good. I look around and see us just doing what we do and what we love best.  It's not always quiet when I read, but sometimes it is.  I look around at the different things that are handmade that just happen to be in this picture. The beautiful mess is a lovely collection of things that make our house a home. Clockwise from top left: The cabinet that I painted with milk paint, the quilted Christmas wreath I stitched, the table my dad made, the bowl my dad turned, the garland my kids tied, the tree we harvested from our land, the snowflakes on the tree my kids snipped, the presents under the tree they made for one another, the coffee table my dad made, the quilt I stitched on my lap, the dress Anna-Kate is wearing I stitched, the vest Adrian is wearing stitched by me, the nightgown Audra is wearing also stitched by yours truly.  None of this is staged, it just so happens to be a snapshot of our home sweet home, a home pulled together with love. 

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