Year in Review 2021

January: Ice skating, turned 40, McCarthy's Rolls and old fashioned play.

February: Stitching. House improvement. Outdoor fun.

March: Handmade soap and lotion. Books inside. Books outside. Line dried.

April: All things chickens, tea parties and Anna-Kate turned 4. 

May: So many picnics, all the rhubarb, screen porch, dirt digging and blooms. 

June: School year wrap up, hikes, ocean dips and warm nights.

July: Audra turned 9, 4-H zooms, lots of free time and daily ocean dips. 

August: St. Lawrence River. Adriondacks. Month of family. Month of Science. The Fair!

September: School groove, Adrian turned 11, screen porch or ocean classrooms, outside all the time. 

October: Nature co-op, mountain getaway, picnics, trick or treat.

November: Preserved the harvest, service learning, surprise ocean days, hikes, surprise NY visit.

December: Matching mama made jammies, x country skiing, winter solstice and Christmas. 

2021 all in all, an odd year in the world, but a fantastic year for our little family. 

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