Parenthood is driving home from the Christmas parade yesterday to find that there is only one preschooler sized boot. Where could the other be? Parenthood is also about calling it a loss, because who has the energy to go looking for a singleton boot?

It is also about trying to not lose my mind to get everyone in the car for a cat vet appointment.  Then, on the way to the vet appointment, said cat ends up riding shotgun on the arm rest because the kids thought he'd like to walk around the car.  The said cat (who we prevented from going outside this morning to use the bathroom so we could keep track of him for his appointment) peed in a drink holder and pooped on the floor.  The vet office is 5 miles from our home. FIVE.

Parenthood comes with waves of discouragement. 

But then, parenthood is finding the missing boot a day later.

And scrapping morning plans and going to the beach for readings.
Parenthood is asserting that no, Zippy does not want to take a dip in the ocean (definitely not), but apparently Zippy really enjoys watching the seagulls.  
Parenthood is about glazing over the lows and celebrating the wins. It's an adventure. Always.

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