The best daddy in the whole wide world...

Today marks a big day.  The first daddy's day for my husband.  I wanted to take a minute to reminisce, a trip down memory lane.  Numerous times when I was pregnant, my husband voiced his concern regarding his competency as a father.  He was so afraid of failing.  I assured and reassured him multiple times.  Although he was excited, he was still worried.
But, it all changed.  It all changed the day he held his sweet little boy for the very first time (pictured below).  An instant love.  A grown man crying.  A celebration of what was to come.  Still a bit of uncertainty, but paired with the realization that God's greatest blessing was happening to him.  The fear turned into awe.
Gradually, getting to know that little boy, this big strong man has shown he's a natural daddy.  He knows when his sweet boy is hungry, tired or when he needs snuggles. This daddy has mastered cloth diapering by choice. He sports a coordinating Halloween costume. A tiny pureed smoothie to match daddy's is made special his for his little lunch date. An afternoon hike just for the boys is exactly what his baby loves.  Creative songs, games, dances and play routines keep this little boy giggling and learning.   There's a calm confidence about this daddy that his baby finds so reassuring.  Taking care of his baby is never 'work', it's always out of love.  He never complains about his sweet little boy.  While this baby doesn't always match, our little angel knows he is loved by both his mama and daddy.
This mama has captured some of the sweet moments between this strong man and his little love.  Moments where my heart melts and my eyes become puddled.  Moments that make me forget about our trivial grown up squabbles about household chores.  Moments where I admire, appreciate and cherish this man who has chosen me as his wife.  Moments where I'm so incredibly thankful that I went on that blind date in 2004.  Moments where I look at my little family and think "Life cannot possibly be any better than this".  But you know what?  Life is getting better.  Everyday that I watch my husband father our little guy, I fall even more in love with him.  This life is even better than that what I've dreamed.  I am so blessed.

Happy Father's Day to the man I love.


  1. thanks to my awesome family....I am so blessed beyond what I could ask for!

  2. This is amazingly beautiful. Congrats!



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