Sling Bookshelf with Storage Bins for Kids

I saw this sling bookshelf with storage bins online and I wanted it.  But I'm way too cheap to buy it myself.  So I enlisted my dad in this project. 

The BOG (Bald Old Grandpa) made the sides from wood from his woods and bought the dowels.  I made the sling part with navy canvas fabric that I bought a long time ago for a dollar a yard (needed to be 60 inch fabric).  I hemmed the edges and pinned the continuous piece of fabric (fabric ended up being 100inches x45 inches) where I wanted the loops to go before sewing the seams.  It was really a pretty easy project. 

Here's the boys working:
 Cost:  Less than $10.


  1. Note: This is very sturdy. It's hard for me to move it on my own. And keeping our wooden toys in the bottom bins helps anchor it.

    1. I really would like to make this for my grandson. Can you give me the measurements for the wood frame? Thank you.

  2. What are the measurements? What size diameter dowel did you use?

  3. What are the measurements? What size diameter dowel did you use?

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