Five Bucks and a Thrift Shop, Round 7

This time, the score is from a yard sale.
Kick Board for the beach for when our little one is older:  $1
Two handy wooden dryer racks (I love them): $1
Five trays that are brand new and will be used for craft projects (think containing glitter):  $.10 each
Another little wooden box (which I collect for toy pieces): $.05 
A tiny basket for the kitchen: $.05  
A trough for our little one's Anamalz collection:  $.05  
Kitchen Aid Bowl Cover (Here's the price new): $.50
Kitchen Aid Splash Guard (Here's the price new): $.50
Four brand new wooden watermelon napkin rings that will be perfect for play kitchen now, picnics later, handmade in Brattleboro VT:  $1
Eight brand new white cloth napkins: $.10 each

Total:  $5.45

Five Bucks and a Thrift Shop?  What's this all about?

I am a big fan of thrift shopping.  It's not because I can't buy things new and I'm dragging myself to the thrift store out of necessity. Instead, it's for the find, the score, the excitement.  The "I can't believe I found this...and I
need this" moment. It's amazing the stuff you can find. It sort of gives you a high.  And then I come home and set up a little display for my husband to gawk at.  Okay, so "Yup, that's nice" isn't quite a gawk, but I'm sure his non-nonchalant, monotonous mannerism is a cover up.  Surely, he's silently just as enthusiastic and excited as me!  How could one not be?!  I mean, isn't this pile of treasures what you've always dreamed of having?  He must be secretly busting at the seams with excitement.  Okay, maybe not. But one can hope. 

What's with the five bucks?  Well, I saw some sort of article somewhere about a woman who goes to the drug stores with coupons and records what she can get for five bucks.  Five bucks is usually what I end up spending at a thrift store anyway. Instead of spending $5 on a coffee, might as well see what you can get elsewhere.

Won't you play along?  If you are a deal seeker, post a link with pictures or describe the awesome deal you got!  I promise I will be just as excited as you!  If no one posts, I'm going to assume no one cares about my treasures.  It will be simply heart breaking to think I'm the only one who gets outrageously giddy over a brand new set of navy plaid cloth napkins for only $0.50. For a set of six, none less!  Certainly, I must not be the only one, right? 


  1. Which store do you go to? We don't have anything down here that would sell napkins for $.10. I could maybe get this group of items for less than $20, but not less than $10. Where do I need to be looking?????

  2. I go all over the place. If it's a thrift store, consignment store or yard sale, I'm in (especially if it's a church yard sale or a benefit for something charitable....those prices are always the lowest). My husband calls my eyes "four leaf clover eyes", as I spot 4 leaf clovers and amazing deals from a mile away. Good luck! Keep at it, you'll find your own scores.

  3. Hey! Are those *modern* drying racks? And I was a sucker and bought 13 of those trays. We already have about 7 of them, and they are constantly in use. The Kitchen aid sits on one, the coffee pot sits on one, Jason's casting projects sit on one, etc etc. Love those things. And they are not cheap if you buy them new.

  4. @ cricket: Yup, they're modern drying racks. I love them because I can pull one out at a time rather than having to drag the entire huge dish rack out. I should have gotten more of those trays! They're going to come in handy.



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