Our Remodeled Bathroom

We did this a while ago, but I didn't have a blog then.  Wish I took a picture of what the bathroom was.  Bright yellow walls, mint green closet/laundry area.  Sunflower border.  Mirror that had fake flower sprouts.  Toilet was dark green with cream seat.  Sink was dark green with a cream laminate top.  Floor was scuffed, stained and scraped up linoleum.  Ug-ly.  I had to place a towel on the floor and use an iron to melt the linoleum off.  Not fun.  Even when clean, it looked dirty. It was embarrassing, as it didn't match the rest of the house. But we love it now and it was a great do-it-yourself project after the fact.

I must say my favorite part is the apron front sink.  I highly recommend an apron front sink, especially if your bathroom is a bathroom/laundry room. We got a swivel faucet (it's actually a kitchen faucet, but works perfect).  The whole contraption pretty much comes in handy on a daily basis.  You can fill buckets of water with it, a large watering can, use it to hand wash clothes and it's been our little one's bathtub since day one.  He still fits in it just fine at 9 months.  Uses have been endless. I love it.

Check back on Monday to see the score we got for $5 for this bathroom.



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