Re-Use Baby Clothes into Snack Bags

Reuse snaps/fabric from old baby clothes to make snack bags!
Old baby clothes---> snack bags.

 I had an idea when I saw my husband use some plastic baggie/wrap in front of me (if he does use it, it's usually sneaked, when I'm not looking). Really, my husband is a great sport at using re-usable containers, even though they've termed him "Officer Tupperware" at work.  When he's working overtime, there's just not enough room in his lunchbox to carry all of his treats in 'tupperware'.  So, I whipped these up for him.  Yes, they're not perfect, but in a quick 10 minutes, he was able to bring his crackers to work in a little handy sack.  I am positive I am way more excited about this than he. I may have caught him rolling his eyes at me, although he'd never admit it. 

All I did was finish the edges of a square (these were 8x8).   Sew the two edges up like an envelope.  Attach a snap on the flap and the base. Like I said, it's not fancy, but it does the trick. Voila.  Easy peasy.  And free.


  1. this is an awesome idea!! I almost bought some reusable snack bags yesterday glad I didn't since I certainly have plenty of baby clothes I could use :)

  2. Now, you know how I feel about reusable bags :-) and what a CLEVER idea for reusing snaps! hmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. awesome idea, this is the time no need to buy for baby snack backs, i have a lot of baby clothes not in use so i can make my own re-use baby clothes into snack bags.



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