Refinished Porch

This Memorial Day weekend brings back memories from Memorial Day 2010.  I was almost 6 months pregnant and home for a long weekend, husband-less (he was working overtime).  I decided to tidy up the place for spring...starting with the farmer's porch.  As I was sweeping it, I thought "This is ugly".  So, I promptly grabbed our sander and went to work on my hands and knees.  

The next day, the conversation with the husband goes something like this:

H: What did you do?
Me: Well, it looked ugly.  I decided to fix it up.
H:  Why didn't you tell me you wanted help with this?
Me: I didn't know I was going to do it.  I just decided yesterday while you were working.
H:  Is that even safe?
Me: I wore ear, mouth and eye protection.
H: (shakes head)  I know I should be surprised, but that's my wife. I don't know if you should be left home unsupervised

Here's the before and after.  It pretty much took all three days.  I used Thompson Rustic Red Sealer.  We're both pretty pleased with the results. 


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