I grew up with a big garden.  My mom would preserve food and we'd consume it year round.  I have fond memories from that big garden.  I could even tell you exactly how the rows were ordered year after year. One of my *musts* when house searching was having enough land to have a garden.  The piece of property we bought has plenty of land.  With many trees.  No big deal, just cut them down.  Well, we've been cutting trees down for years, but haven't managed to cut enough for vegetables to get the 6-8 hours of sun they need.  My best intentions produce nada.  And let's face it, my husband was less than enthralled to cooperate with my tomato growing idea-move the potted tomatoes throughout the day to chase the sun.  I even had a schedule devised. That idea was quickly rejected.  Just was I had claimed defeat, our neighbors/friends made a generous offer.  A community garden with them.  At their historic home across the way.  We were ecstatic.  Well, I was ecstatic.  My husband was worried...worried about what his ambitious wife would sign him up for.

Year 1 of gardening turned out better than I hoped.  Although my dear husband dragged his feet, he did help the large pregnant mama-to-be last summer.  Even while being pregnant and with an infant, I was able to grow and preserve enough food for our baby to be raised on homemade baby food and for many home grown winter meals.  There's something special about wandering to Nam and Pap's house on warm summer evenings, tending the growing plants, watching the beautiful sunset and engaging in conversation with friends we are so thankful for.  Yes, I was quite frustrated that we haven't had any luck gardening our land.  But, my lack of success turned into a blessing, for gardening with Nam and Pap is 10x better than gardening solo.

On my way to Nam and Pap's.
 Our seedlings are always small with limited light at first, but they'll take off.
This is Penny Road, the old dirt road that passes the old parsonage on the way to Nam and Pap's.
 Freshly rototilled by Pap.
 The beginnings of our planting.
New life.
 We play 'Where's Kammie? As she frolics and hides in the tall grass.  We'll periodically see a random pounce.
 A perfect family morning.

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  1. Love this! Your garden is WAY bigger than what I've tried to drum up this year. Awesome!



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