Brand new.

 I feel like I have waited for this moment for some time.  Our own chicks...finally.  Brand new, fuzzy and fluffy.  And sooo cute.

This is batch 3.  None survived our other two rounds. First time I thought it was due to humidity. Monitored that better round 2.  They were viable and one hatched each time, but didn't make it.  Come to find out, the thermometer that came with the incubator is junk.  The temp was much lower than what the thermometer said...the chicks developed, but at a slower rate. They ran out of yolk by the time they were developed and didn't have energy to sustain life.  It was frustrating and upsetting to all of us.  But, our LLBean thermometer is correct, so we finally have little chicks. Phew!

Three hatched and more were hatching. I moved these three to the brooder.  An hour later, I see the temp is 117 and the others that had hatched and the rest of the eggs that were making progress were gone.  It wasn't the kids, they were with me. It was the *&%%^& cat.  Insert whatever word you think fits.  I don't usually swear, but a swear word may have slipped out when I discovered the disaster.  That curious, naughty cat.  I was really upset.  But at least we have these ones!  And they are sooo cute! And they are our chickens that we incubated from our hens, fertilized by our rooster.  Success!

And she (hoping "she" is a "she"...our luck is we have three roosters!) already went for her first truck ride. The first of many, I suspect.

And before long, these little fluff balls will be full grown.
And they will graduate from truck rides to big adventures.
And if they are lucky, a sweet girl will try rocking them to sleep.
Baby chicks? I hope you're prepared for a life of hugs, because that's what you're been born into.


  1. These pictures could not be any sweeter. I am so sorry about your other attempts and the cat incident. I would have been so heartbroken. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your cuties and these chicks as they grow.

  2. You Are BRAVE!!! I hope you feel it is all worth it -
    You have certainly given me a marvelous gift today.




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