One might think Adrian would be the lover of chicks, given he's the self proclaimed 'farmer' of this 'farm'. He does love them. He likes to take care of them for real and take care of them in pretend play too. Yes, his chicken play revolves around doing pretend farm chores.

But Audra? She loves the chicks on a whole new level. She's their 'mama hen' and she rocks them and holds them and hugs (squeezes!) them and tells them everything is going to be all right. ("You otay. I right here.")  She has their emotional well being as her primary concern.  She would hold them for hours if we let her.

So without further ado, another installment in baby chick adventures.  With their favorite dump truck, naturally. The one made by the BOG.

 It's mighty fun playing with these little girls (positive thinking there's no roosters!)

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