Gardening 2014: Take three.

Gardening 2014
Take One here.  
And onto take three
It's growing, it really is.
The vegetables, fruits AND weeds are growing.  I saved seven gigantic bags of leaves as mulch. Phenomenal mulching powers. But not enough mulch for the whole garden. Those weeds do want to grow.
We have been harvesting.  Thus far, six pounds of produce have entered our home.
The majority of it has been kale.
Breakfast and dinner have been kale all week. Kale frittatas or fruit smoothies with kale for breakfast. Dinner has included kale chips, sautéed kale, salad and lots of kale tossed in a marinara sauce. No one is complaining (yet).
In fact, they even eat the kale just plain from the garden.  Case in point, right here.

 Rhubarb is what else has been plentiful, particularly with seven patches of rhubarb on the property (oh my). Lots of rhubarb desserts and four batches of strawberry rhubarb jam all canned.
We've traded our lilacs for daisies and phlox.

 And more flowers are sprouting each day. So much color!

 And the lawn is growing, well, like a weed.

 My biggest accomplishment as of late is the ginormous secret garden I'm digging out. Six heaping truckloads of brush.  Thick thick brush that one could hardly move through. Yards and yards of said brush. It's coming.
 There's that old granite bench, terraced levels and a whole lot of memories made here.
 He calls it "Almanzo's house" and everyone is welcome to come visit, so he says.
 We found an old bucket, tireds, buttons and lots of glass thus far.

It's nice to have dug my way back to the white lilacs, even though they are just about gone now.  What to do in this space?  Not sure. Ideas welcome!

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