Thrifted. Randoms.

1) Thrifted. (Some from a while back that I never shared. It's garage sale season...need to catch up so I can show you all my garage sale finds!)

Two books illustrated by some of our fave illustrators (Karma Wilson and Charles Fuge). A kid camera that works! Four mini pie pans, a straw hat and an xylophone. $5.00.
A container filled with wooden spools. Three new packs of recipe cards, brand new dry erase workbook, another book, kid sunglasses, a fabulous camping towel, a John Deere hat for her and a watering can. $5.25.
A tablecloth, fabric, sunglasses for other kid, three wooden puzzles and two books. $7.00.

2) Randoms.

She "vacuums" frequently.

And makes the most interesting vacuum noises.
 I successfully grew fodder. (Fodder is sprouting wheat or barley seeds. One pound of feed can be sprouted to make 5-6 pounds of feed for our goats, chickens and/or our rabbit.)
 Haven't quite decided how fodder will fit into our homesteading, but it's pretty neat, that's for sure.
 This is the beautiful mess that the chickens have unearthed through their scratching.  Evidence of the life that used to keep this barn warm before us.
 My Adrian really enjoyed the celebration we had in memory of my mom on what would have been her birthday. Cake, flowers, the works!
 He ate meals with her picture for days, asking for more and more stories.
He said to the BOG, "Mama says you know 'bout Grandma Debbie too. Want to teach me about her?"
So special to keep her memory alive.


  1. Oh I LOVE that last shot well I love everyone of them you are giving your kids such a good life. The chickens are finding treasure indeed. Hug B

  2. So sweet that your mom's memory is being honored in that way. I'm sure she's watching over you and your family and beaming.

    Great thrifteds for sure! You really find the bargains.
    Never even knew what fodder was.

  3. Some great thrifty finds.. I love when you can find great books at a steal.. Your little one is so cute with the vacuum...even making the sound.. She will be a great help soon..the Celebration of your Moms life was sweet.. That is one way to help the little ones remember her...Such a sweet family.. Have a great day! Blessings!



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