Craft Zone

I made a commitment to get some art on the walls here.  Except I evidently have been ignoring said commitment.  This nook upstairs? Well, I made an effort. Months after I had planned on, but whatever.
And while I was doing that, I was simultaneously thinking about this unused space. I also thought about how I envisioned having an art area set up for creativeness availability at all times. I tried it downstairs, but for various reasons, that didn't work out. But this space? Why not give it a try?

I moved a bunch of art supplies into this space.  All stuff they can do without having to ask.  (Crayons, markers, stickers, stamps, watercolors, some paints, etc). 

So glad I did this, as they randomly create now, all the time. I just love seeing them get out some paper and crayons when the mood strikes. And I love their creations.

 Especially with my oldest seldom napping now, this has been useful.  He can choose to create or rest. You can see what he's been choosing.

A space just for them to create whenever? Just what was needed in our home.



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