Now, amusement parks are not my thing. I'll be the first to volunteer that info.  But, my husband grew up going to Storyland. I have never been. He had such fond memories about going and wanted to share this part of his childhood with his own children.  Now, my husband is so 'go-with-the-flow' that he rarely suggests something that he really would like to do. So when he requests, I say "let's do it!"

So, off we went. On most beautiful days!

And you know, it was magical for my Adrian. He loves Mother Goose, he loves nursery rhymes and songs.  He can recite many.  He thought all of Storyland was real, and how could that not make your heart smile.


He asked the "Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe" where are all her children were.  She said they were out and about at the park, they'd be home for bed.  We saw her again as the park was closing. Adrian asked her if her children would be coming home now.

He was worried to enter the Three Little Bears' House.  He was afraid they would come back from their walk soon. He didn't want them to catch him.

He asked Mother Goose if she'd read "Wee Wee Winkie."  The 2nd day we went, he really wanted to bring his own book to read with Mother Goose.

He told Little Bo Peep that he hopes she finds her sheep. 

He told Peter Rabbit he needs to listen.

He scolded every wolf statue/figurine he saw.

It was all so real, he was so serious and so concerned.  He totally loved the magic of Storyland.

Until, of course, he saw a cow that you could pretend to milk.  And then nursery rhymes went by the wayside and he returned to his farming roots.  He 'milked' that pretend cow for a half hour before we dragged him away.

Our Audra? She enjoyed it all too.  She didn't get the nursery rhyme part, but she does love seeing animals. Our 'mother hen'. "Hi goose!  You okay? I Audra. I take care of you. Don't cry goose, Audra right here."

A lovely time, indeed.

Here's the pictures to prove it.




  1. I have always loved Storyland! Love that I can now share it with my boys :)

  2. What an awesome excursion! In BC there is an Enchanted Forest... this kind of reminds me of that.

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  3. Oh how I cannot wait to take Layla, we're going the first weekend in August, I hope we also have good weather! Now to find some mother goose books so she'll know what's going on, I've never been either, so it will be new to all of us!

  4. Looks like a wonderfully magical place full of memories! :)



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