Fresh cut hay (And Farm Days)

We awoke to tractors the other morning. We knew they were coming, which is why he slept in his John Deere attire.  To be ready, you know.  He did his farming right alongside the big tractors...all morning.
 We did have someplace to be, so we ripped him away from farming. He couldn't wait to get back to run in the hay.
 He wasn't the only one who had fun!
 And then he spotted it. "Mama, a 'just my size' John Deere.  A real one, can I go see it?" 

 But then what happened next is what happens when he's beyond interested. Not 20 questions, 2000 questions.  All in a row. Goodness, I don't even know half the answers to his questions, but he just keeps going.  Needs all the info he can gather about farming, that's for sure.

 Alas, the questions stop...and off we go.
 Off to get his sister, who just *must* come see.
 Well, I guess she was dragged.

 And let me tell you, she got her own lesson on what was happening on the way.

 She was excited to get on.
 And he, of course, couldn't let her get on by herself.  Now that wouldn't be right, she's so little and all. He'll 'help'. 

 We headed back.
Well, we tried. He just couldn't leave yet.

So we headed back.

 Well, until it was more fun to hang with the dog.

 And then she spotted something else.

 And you can guess where she went.

But then she saw a chicken, so off she went...
And that, my friends, is how our farm days go. There's lots that intrigue, new things to discover and the familiarity of hanging with our animals friends.  A little discovering, a little taking comfort in that which we know and a whole lot of fresh air.  And I'm thankful to give them a life like this, and we're thankful to be able to share this life with oodles of friends this Thursday for a Farm Story Time (if you're local and would like to come, please send me a message!). It's a good life, it really is.

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  1. I love hearing how curious your farmboy is. He will no doubt be a voracious reader so that he can get all of his questions answered. They really do have a wonderful life. Blessings...



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