Mama made: Tug boat applique (Free pattern)

It was his turn for a mama made.  He wanted a new shirt.  I asked him what he wanted on it. He said a tractor.  Umm...did that.  A cow?  Did that.  He said he can always have another.  I told him I would surprise him.  I *gasp* took a break from farming and made this tug boat. He does love the book "Tugga Tugga Tugboat", as we've read it so much it's barely hanging on.

He forgot his farming requests and LOVED it.
Only problem?  When reading the package that says 2-4T shirts, one should size them up before applique.  This one is much much much smaller than the last package. Not sure if it's different brands or if this is an oops, but it's snugger than I had intentioned. Anyway, your free pattern is HERE.

Never mind that, he's super happy with it.
Which ensued a dance party.
The entire tugboat is made with upcycled cotton knit clothing. The beauty of applique with knits is they don't fray. So you don't need a zig zag to secure it. Just a straight stitch will suffice. Makes for a quick applique (although do get ball point needles, they make a world of difference with jersey type fabrics).
He was so happy that he posed. Forgive me, I got a little excited, as he never poses for me.


I think I will soon cut the whole applique out of the shirt and applique that onto a shirt that will fit longer. 


  1. Adorable! (And the shirt ain't bad, either!) ;0D

  2. That is super cute! Too bad the shirt was too small, though. I have to try everything on myself and my kids anymore. There doesn't seem to be such a thing as standard sizing anymore!

  3. This is not only fabulous, but it's adorable! I love the dimension that the button adds too. You are so gifted my dear!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  4. Fantastic! He looks so happy with his new shirt! Adorable pictures!

  5. A gigantic yell out to the essayist who emptied his spirit into this blog.
    OMC sterndrive parts



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