Fairy Houses

One of the fanatic moms I am fortunate to know put together a fairy house workshop. Right next to our secret garden, a most perfect place to have it.
 Look at the beauty!

My kids worked together to make this one:

Six families (one or both parents and their kid(s)) collaborated to make these. I just love the individuality and the creativity.
 The same awesome mama who put this fun activity together entered these fairy houses in the Portsmouth Strawberry Banke Fairy Festival.  HUGE event, lots of fairy houses entered. 

We had already had a big weekend, the show was about 40 minutes from our house. I hate city driving. It was too hot that day. I had to find parking. My husband was working, so I had to go by myself. There would be too many people. I wouldn't get anything done around the house/farm. It would be a cranky no nap day. Let me tell you, this country girl can make a hundred excuses to stay away from crowds, stoplights, crosswalks and congestion. But, I decided to bring them anyway. One on my back.
 One on foot.
There were people, many people....
 But not too crowded.

 And we found ours straight away.  There was a steady parade of onlookers. Children crouched on their knees, looking at our detail. Adults taking pictures.  We just watched for a while as others looked at our work, waiting our turn.  We really only had a brief shot because others were waiting.
 It was so neat...how the creation we made in our backyard with friends turned out to be a part of this marvelous festival.
 All four of our houses received steady traffic.  I really appreciated the effort this mama made, and am glad I brought my kids. It was so neat for them to see that something small that we do in our backyard can be a part of something so much bigger.  That working to make something we enjoy can be enjoyed by others.  That lots of little fairy houses together can be gathered for a grand festival.  A little bit of effort from few can be put together with many to create something even more marvelous. Oh, participating in this festival was good on so many levels.  (Thank you Jen!)
And after, we spent our time meandering the various gardens, looking for the little hidden treasure houses, with intricate detail, tucked away for all to enjoy.
 Really, this festival celebrated lots of things that are near and dear to my heart.
 Might just as well celebrate all such good things together, yes?

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  1. Cute! Makes me want to make one :) I have a little fairy garden in my big herb box, but I like all the natural ingredients. Interesting, you said "many many people". Looked empty to me. Being a city dweller, looked like a pretty small group in the photo. Good for you going with 2 small kids, I can see that would be challenging with no naps. I bet they slept well later :)



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