We were fortunate to be able to attend the annual 4-H fall fest. So much fun. (Some cell phone photos on my husband's phone...not the best quality, but worth remembering).

 And when sweet girl woke up, she worked hard too.

 Centerpiece made by him.
There was also one of those sales that you'd buy tickets to put in to take a chance for the items you want the most. I know it has a name, but the name escapes me. Well, there was this crocheted cow that Adrian fell in love with.  He kept talking about how he was going to bring it home. He was going to put all his tickets in that bag, but I convinced him to spread out the rest...which all the rest went for this one painting of a barn. But he kept talking about that cow.

Fast forward to raffle drawing. He watched in anticipation, but then witnessed another girl winning  the cow. He whispered to me, "But that was MY cow, mama."  Hard lesson.  He coped well. Very disappointed, but didn't fall apart.  I felt sad for him.

But then, the 2nd to last raffle happened to call his ticket.  Know what the winning prize was? The barn print. He frolicked up with his ticket to claim his prize.  The biggest dimples ever when he smiled. He was SOO happy.  He was eager to show everyone his barn a dozen times as he carried it around. He was so proud.

Funny how things have a way of working themselves out, huh?

Here he is with his picture.

 It has a great home on his wall, over his bed, with other important things (Holsteins and John Deere).  Sort of a rambling, random post with all the stories....long story short, 4-H rocks.

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  1. Looks like a great time! Love those dimples! The barn picture looks great on his wall.



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