Thrifted...Home Edition.

I had  just 10 minutes to pop into the thrift store before a deadline. So glad I did. I have been searching for other pillows to go with our couch and haven't found the perfect fabric.  I found three of these pillows (the ones adjacent to the elephant) for $10.50 total. Washed them up and they fit perfect. (I made the stripes, the white came with the couch, the elephant was a gift from my son...he thought I'd love it, which I do.)
 Really, the best seat in the house.
 Cat approved.

 This pic reminds me of this blanket....I bought this a few months ago. It's handmade... on a loom.
 Even the stitch through the middle to connect the panels. I love it.
And more thrifteds.  These for the tree. For the last 15 years, I've had a blue and silver Christmas tree.  Decided to change it up for a little vintage love.  How about these great vintage re-print tags? I'll use them for ornaments. And these old red bulbs? Must be old, as it says they were made in America.  Hoping that I can get some more craft ideas out of the vintage treasury....and did you see what else? Anne of Green Gables Christmas.  I just love Anne with an "e". There's more ideas in there.  Grand total?  $4.75.  And now I cannot wait to decorate our tree.



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