Christmas Challenge

Just a little Christmas challenge... I've been working on going as waste free as possible for Christmas for some time. Last year was the best ever.

Here's 2013. All cloth bags or amazon packing paper wrapped with a bow. And I lined the new books up in a wooden box.  Back before I had the bags, I used to wrap everything in just yardage of material. Even if you are not able to wrap all your gifts so there's no waste, can you at least do a few?  If everyone does a few, that's much less waste headed to the dump. Get creative, I'm betting you can do some pretty packaging with the things you have at home! (And goodness, how little were my littles just one year ago!)  


  1. We typically use butcher paper and recycled holiday wrap from previous years. I'd like to go to fabrics in future years. Guess I need to go thrifting to find material!

  2. Oh I wrap my gifts in material too it is so much fun. Your tree is beautiful and everything looks so festive and beautiful. Merry Christmas my friend. Hug B



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