Interactive Hanukkah Cloth Menorah

So, yes. I started this last year. Didn't quite get it finished in time. I put it aside and...what do you know? Another Hanukkah arrives and still unfinished.  I finally bit the bullet and completed it. A couple days late, but not too late this year. I actually had this whole pattern that I was going to post so you can make your own, but I never got there.

Background. I don't know much about Hanukkah.  Although my husband's religious affiliation isn't Jewish any longer, he comes from a Jewish family. I thought it would be good if we kept some of the traditions he was familiar with as a child for our own children. We had a menorah that broke in the move.  I've kept my eyes open at thrift stores, but haven't found one.  I know I *could* go to a store that would sell them, but just thinking about going to any store where there might be too many holiday shoppers at once in the middle of December gives me anxiety.  (Plus, candles and cats=fire hazard.)

Anyway, I apparently would rather craft my own menorah at home than go shopping in December.  Perhaps not normal, but if you've been around long enough, you aren't surprised.  The 'flames' snap on and off. There's a tiny pocket on the bottom to store them. It serves the purpose quite well.
 I didn't plan to put it here for good...
 But, you know, it works.

 I was pretty proud of myself, giving my son the history lesson and the background about Hanukkah.  All he got from the story?  He wants to get to day 8, as I might have uttered the word 'present' in that breath. Well, I tried.  This pic was taken a couple days ago, it's more filled up now. Who knows, maybe by day 8, I'll dig out the pack of Jewish cookbooks I was given from my husband's grandmother and prepare us a feast. More accurately, given my record, the feast will be ready in exactly one year's time. Oh well. Happy Hanukkah, friends!

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