Fabric Christmas Tree Garland (Free Pattern)

This project was first published on this blog in December of 2011.  There's been some interest for a pattern and a tutorial, so there's one now attached below.   It's a super quick project to use up scrap fabric. Or you can even use old clothes.  I stuffed them with the contents of an old laundered pillow.  It dresses up an otherwise boring wall or it's a perfect addition to a window, door or open passage between rooms. Or even hang them as ornaments. Make your own! Or I will make you one. There's one in my etsy shop now, I have a second that is finished and will be posted there soon. Happy to make more, as they are so fun to make. 

Here's the one I just made:
 (And my model).
 And here is how.

1) Cut the pieces out according to pattern. Click here for the pattern.
2) Place right sides together. Start at bottom, backstitch. Stitch along two sides. Stitch in last side, leaving a 1 1/2 inch gap in the middle. Backstitch.
3)  Snip the ends off so they are not pointy. Turn right side out. Stuff with your stuffing of choice.
 4) For trunk piece, place on ironing board so shorter sides are at top/bottom. Fold in 1/2 inch and press.
5) Fold in half so the two pressed sides are together.  Fold again, so the two raw edges are together. Stitch sides.
 6) Pin the trunk into the opening. Hand stitch to close. Stitch onto burlap or ribbon before hanging.
They are so fun to make, you might find yourself mass producing. I think I've made 7 sets so far?  Great gifts.
Here's another one I made:
 My son likes this one best (John Deere Green anyone?).
 What spot in your house would these look perfect in?
Get crafting!  Or get yours here.

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