Randoms and Thrifteds.


1) I've had the pleasure of photographing a few families lately. So fun.  Although I think my Adrian is tired of waiting for the shoot to be over. He disappeared during the last shoot.  I found him stacking wood. He stacked all this by himself.  He is soooo his mother.
 2) This one would never miss a social event.
 3) You know, they always say cats have the life.  Although I could never be a cat...I couldn't spend the whole afternoon in one spot.
 4) Braided bread.  I used to braid all the time. Then two kids under the age of two, moving and my day job- I quit braiding a long time ago. A friend just braided hers...and I was re-inspired.  (Haven't dabbled in the bread making world yet?  Start here.)

Thrifteds, or as my dad says, my "junk". Treasures, I tell you. Not junk.
 John Deere fabric, chicken fabric, Usborne books (love them!), John Deere lunch box and a farming book. $7.00
 Stride rite shoes x2, wool scarf, Bass and LLBean shirts, warm kids mittens. $6.50.
Beyond fabulous score of vintage fabric. $4.50. I swoon.


  1. Wish we could go thrifting together! Love the vintage fabric and all the John Deere stuff! Your wee ones are so precious.

    1. Aww, thanks! Come on over to Maine and we can thrift! No coat, mittens or hat needed yet. Wait...you might disagree with the 2nd part. :)

  2. You never cease to amaze me. You are what I always thought you were destined to be, a great wife, mother and homesteader.... It's an honor to call you friend. <3

    1. Oh Rosie, that's the sweetest thing to say ever. Thank you! Honor to call you my friend, too!

  3. Oh that vintage fabric makes me swoon too! Love the braided bread! Your littles always make me smile.



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