I've never had the hustle bustle-crunching time-it's almost Christmas-where did the time go-type of Christmas.  I try to keep things simple and focus on the holiday season through my kids' eyes. 

This year has been a bit different already.  My etsy shop has had quite a bit of activity.  Those hennies are flying the coop.  I've made 32 just this week!  And I love it. I always have fantasized about having a little shop to sell my handmades. In fact, I set one up as a child in the kitchen-it had potholders, jewelry, scrunchies, homemade know, for the shopping pleasure of my relatives who happened to pop over.  Fun memories. But now? I couldn't be happier that my little dream has become a reality.  I know it's just busy for the holidays...but I must say this crafting hustle bustle is really quite fun!  (Except my own projects are getting pushed to the side... alas, I'll get to them.)

So I'm thankful for my little handmade 'store'. 

But most of all, I'm thankful for this man...who is such an awesome dad and husband. He embraces all of my ideas, encouraging and supporting me without hesitation. He's been helpful keeping the kids busy so I am not always filling orders with two 'helpers'.


  1. How cute! I have a great hubby who helped raise 3 girls and did an amazing job with all of it!

  2. You might post pics of your tree garlands here, very cute!!!

  3. Sweet post. Good Luck with your business.
    ♥ Carla

  4. Wow - good for you!!!! Such a sweet post. :) I wish only the best for you and your shop!



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