Christmas Tree 2014

If you've been a follower for some time, you'd know that I prefer white pine for a Christmas tree. It's what I grew up with, mostly.  There's some in our backyard for free. (I like free.)  This year will be one we always remember.  When we were heading out, our cat, Zoom, was not happy we were leaving. He meowed and meowed from the barn. Finally, he chanced it.  Only he wasn't smart enough to follow our trail. So, our cat went in the snow that was deeper than his legs to get us, meowing all the way. Once he finally got there, he sat in the sled and anticipated a ride back. Such a silly cat.  Anyway, won't you come along with us, it's time to get the Christmas tree.

Psst. It's up now. Pictures of a decorated tree will be coming your way soon.


  1. Very fluffy tree! Never seen those before. Love the red plaid hat and cheeks :)

  2. Looks like a blast! Y'all make me cold though without your gloves on! BRRRRR...

  3. Love the sled! How nice to find the tree you love on your own land! Awesome!



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