Mama Made: Matching Upcycled Wool Caps

Wool scraps, what to do with them?  How about a pair of hats?

A year ago, I bought this $2.00 100% wool skirt at a thrift store and I made this. (To check out the link with my little model wearing this dress, click here.)  I still had some scraps left from this project. 

With this pattern, I made us a matching set. Goodness, he was thrilled.
 It's nice to find something fun and unique for a boy.
 As a bonus, it's wool, so it's warm enough for an outdoor hat on chilly days.
 I just made it thinking it would be fun to match...but I actually like it more than I thought I would.
 It's been his hat of choice, as of late. Which is there a better compliment than wearing that which your mama makes you? I think not.
 With all of this matchy matching, you can likely assume that there will be more photos forthcoming...perhaps in the form of a Christmas card?  You can assume there will be some matching cuteness in mama made wool upcycled goodness coming this way in December.

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