HIS sewing project

As he was playing with his wooden sewing machine, wooden iron, sewing scraps, scissors and pins, I heard "Mama, can I learn to sew something real? Not just pretend sewing, but sew something real?"

I totally didn't plan on it at that moment in time, but didn't I grin the biggest grin when he said that!  My baby boy wanted to create something out of fabric. Squee!!!!

"Absolutely, Adrian!  What is it you would like to make?"

"You have any John Deere fabric, mama?"

Farming. Naturally.  Because really, can we do anything that doesn't involve farming? No. We cannot. He could care less about what he was making, provided it had the perfect fabric.

I couldn't find John Deere fabric in my stash, but I did find some cows and barns.  Imagine how happy he was!

We got to work. I found a pillow to cover, I measured the pillow, added an inch for seam allowances, he drew the chalk lines and cut out the whole thing with my fabric scissors. So exciting. I helped him pin the sides. Then he sat on my lap, raised and lowered the presserfoot and pushed the petal. As I helped him stitch away, I was so thankful for that turtle setting on the sewing machine my dad gave me for my sweet 16 (yes, I got a sewing machine when I turned 16. Best gift ever!). Slow, steady and carefully he stitched. Then we turned it right side out, pressed and he hand stitched the final opening closed himself. 

Really, the most perfect project ever. I wish I had pictures of him sewing.  Alas, after this success, I'm betting there will be more sewing projects in the near future.  That makes me beyond happy.


  1. That is the best pillow cover ever! How wonderful to have this first sewing memory! I am sure there will be more to come.

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  3. That is just too cute!!! Good for him creating something beautiful and useful :)



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