Summer of the Picnic 2015: Hamilton House

When my husband and I were first married, we decided we wanted no consumer debt before we had kids.  In the process of bidding goodbye to student loans forever, we needed to find a way to find creative and fun ways to entertain ourselves.  Enter picnics.  We live in an amazing place for having picnics. So many good places with great scenery that we can go to for free.

Since our newly wed days, I've kept a picnic blanket and collapasable table in the car. My thrifting has found some fantastic enamel camping ware, so I've tried to have that live in the car at anytime. 

Last year, I decided it would be the summer of picnics. I committed to going on a picnic once a week, every week, for the entire summer.

Although I only shared in this space a couple of our picnics last year, I can proudly say I kept it up. It was so worth it. A chance to unwind, enjoy new places, appreciate where we live, be together and all the while enjoying yummy food.

With summer approaching, I all of a sudden remember that great summer tradition of last year and decided to keep it alive. 

Picnic destination? The Hamilton House. Just about 3 years exactly we were there, with a very very very pregnant me.  Here's the link to that post. It's about time we returned to this beautiful location. And of course our kitty lover finds a cat on our picnic. She pretty much stopped eating after she found the cat. Priorities.

Our fave picnic spot last year? Here's the link to that post.

I will try to document a few more of our beloved picnics.  I'd love if there's others who want to take the picnic challenge. Do share your pics if you do!


  1. Summer picnics make for some wonderful memories! I definitely agree!

  2. What a glorious place to dine al fresco!
    I'd love to take your challenge, but it's too doggone here to eat outside in summer. We do our picnicking in the fall and winter.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your picnics.



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