Tractors. Cows. Kitties.

One great thing about going to my hometown is we have family, family and more family.  And that which I never realized as a kid...there's farming, farming and more farming.  Well, I guess I realized it, but didn't realize how exciting that would be to my kids one day. To me as a child, living in farm country was just a way of life.  To my kids? There's a "Farming show" every corner you turn.  And what's even better is that not only do we get to visit family, but we get to visit their farms, animals and tractors.  Seriously, Adrian got to drive some sort of tractor, lawn tractor, ATV...something...daily. And every home has a collection of toy tractors. And Audra? Well, there's cats everywhere she turns.  Family, farms and animal/tractor vacation spot ever for my kids.

And just a little foreshadowing for the future. I have so many more farming related shots from our trip that I couldn't fit them all in one post. More to come!


  1. First of all, your kids are adorable! Secondly, I LOVE that second photo of the cows all lined up along the fence line. You could blow that one up and use it as wall art!

  2. How cute, and sounds like they had a great time! I want to go!!!



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