Gardening 2015

Here's the last two gardening posts of the year.
Gardening 2015: Take One
Take two.
Take three.

These last couple weeks, it feels like all I have done is this gardening thing. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy it. But, tennis elbow for the first time tells me my goals may be too lofty to do alone.  I did enlist my kids to help more than ever, though. They are at a stage when their help is actually starting to help. 

So, here was my garden May 23rd, 2015.

And here's my garden today. It's officially all planted. There's no more room. I totally worked smarter and harder thus far. 7 loads of manure in the fall. 8 grain sized bags of leaves I bagged last fall to mulch and two truckloads of grass clippings. My husband helped with getting the manure, but the rest was my littles and me. The only areas that aren't mulched are the areas that were directly sowed. Just waiting for the stuff to come up before I mulch.  Just about all this stuff?  Planted from seed.  My littles and I started these seeds in the cold of March. Look where they are now.

Some of the seeds we started were even saved from years prior. How's that for self sufficiency?!

 This year, I set up a pea house. When the peas are grown, hopefully this will be a fun place to play.

And the random compost surprise growing...
 The orchard looks promising and my husband helped me increase our blueberry bushes. I think we have 16 now.  I started to put some pine needles as mulch (they love the acidic), but haven't finished yet.

 I'm usually a bit embarrassed that I haven't measured up when I post these garden posts, but I do feel a wee bit proud thus far. I'm at 21 pounds of harvest processed/gobbled up thus far in the year. Hopefully my yield this year will be higher than last year's with all this soil improvement and mulching.

As Audra was wandering and singing in the garden with me...

Adrian was working.
 What a great place to watch the sun set.


  1. Yep, it's a huge amount of work but I'm always thankful for the hard work when I'm pulling preserved veggies out of the freezer or off the can cellar shelves in the winter! It looks great! And pretty!

  2. Looks like another bountiful year from your garden. What a great mentor you would be for newbie gardeners. You could have classes right on your property!
    Enjoy this lovely time of year.



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